Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Useless update

I think that we're going to sorta just watch “The Crucible” and point out some stuff until Friday and Monday I'll go ahead and start pushing forward. Granted, I'm going to be basically going by the seat of my pants (because I have no idea what they've done so far and what they'll need), I should still be able to give you guys an outline of what I'm gonna be doing. I think I might have to work out a way to do grammar Tuesdays or something as well. I figure I'll also try to give personal anecdotes and how I handle them with each post. This week's suck, and for this I apologize, it's a long and hard thing though and I'm basically planning an entire semester of classes (or half at least) and applying for a research grant and taking midterms and writing essays and all kinds of shit. So, come Monday, expect more personal anecdotes, more great stories and tips, and a more solid lesson plan. For reals.

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